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repainting iron railings

Repainting Iron Railings: A Guide

Though wrought iron is incredibly durable, repainting iron railings often becomes necessary after six to ten years. Taxing weather conditions can strip the protective paint layer off of iron over time, leaving your railings exposed to the elements; if new paint is not applied promptly, the iron will begin to rust. Owners of modern builds […]

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period balcony repair

Period Balcony Repair: Why Use a Specialist Team

Period balcony repair is a delicate procedure, and one foul move could result in you having to replace your whole balcony. A wrought iron balcony that is rusted can also be a dangerous, and attempting to carry out repairs by hand can lead to accident and injury. To correctly repair a period balcony requires skill […]

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balcony sealing

Balcony Sealing for Concrete Balconies and Terraces

The majority of balconies have a concrete construction, and although you may find tiles, marble, or even wood placed over the top, the original structure of balconies that are not made of materials such as wrought iron is concrete. Concrete is tough and you would think that it would be fairly indestructible. However, you would […]

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Balcony Repairs

Balcony Repairs for Your Period Home

When you are the owner of a period home you will often have the luxury of having an outside space such as a terrace leading from your master bedroom. However, these areas of your home need attention in the same way as the interior of your home; over time they will become rusty or will […]

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