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Steel Balcony Railings: Why Choose Stainless Steel?

Steel balcony railings, like glass and concrete buildings, are synonymous with modernity; polished and gleaming in the sun, they light up cityscapes around the world. There’s more to these architectural standbys than just their professional, clean appearance, however; steel balcony railings offer all of the following advantages over other types of railing: 1. Extreme durability. […]

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large balcony design ideas

Large Balcony Design Ideas for Your Period Home

Large balcony design ideas are simply stunning when you own a period home. Many period homes already boast balconies, Juliets, or terraces, but when you have a home with no outdoor space a large balcony can add more room to your property. Not all period homes have gardens, many looking out onto the street, or […]

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balcony balustrading

Balcony Balustrading: The Pros and Cons of Choosing Glass

If you’re lucky enough to have a residence which offers a nice view of the surrounding landscape, the last thing you likely want to do is obscure the vista with obtrusive balcony balustrading. In such situations, choosing a glass balustrade seems the natural course of action, but as with any major long-term decision, the pros […]

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Timeless Wrought Iron Balcony Designs for your Home

There are many different refurbishment projects that you may consider for your home; you may choose to build an extension or add a conservatory to your garden. When you are short of space however, extending your existing build will not be a feasible solution; a wrought iron balcony however can add space to your home […]

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wrought iron balusters

Wrought Iron Balusters : What’s in a Design

When you take a look at any staircase, whether modern or traditional, you will find balusters that support a handrail; a staircase without a safety rail in place is very uncommon unless it comprises of just a few stairs. The hand rail of your stairs will help you navigate up and down the stairs, and […]

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