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winding staircases

Winding Staircases: Montreal’s “Iron Icons”

Winding staircases are found in the Canadian city of Montreal probably more frequently than they are found anywhere else in the world. This beautiful city, with its enticing blend of old and new world architecture features numerous wrought-iron staircases which weave and twist their way into the fabric of urban life. These staircases have been […]

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Spiral stairs

Spiral Stairs: Pros and Cons

If you’re considering spiral stairs for your home and are unsure as to whether or not they are suited to your needs, the following guide should assist you in making a decision: Pros: Spiral staircases save you space—a lot of space. This is particularly relevant in small homes; a straight staircase that is 18 feet […]

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Metal Staircase Design

Metal Staircase Design for Your New Home

A metal staircase design for your new home can turn your front room or hallways into a talking point, or even your balcony or outdoor space. Whereas traditional houses have staircases made of wood that are normally covered in carpet, when you have the chance to design you very own home you should opt for […]

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