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repainting iron railings

Repainting Iron Railings: A Guide

Though wrought iron is incredibly durable, repainting iron railings often becomes necessary after six to ten years. Taxing weather conditions can strip the protective paint layer off of iron over time, leaving your railings exposed to the elements; if new paint is not applied promptly, the iron will begin to rust. Owners of modern builds […]

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wrought iron fencing designs

Wrought Iron Fencing Designs and Ideas

Wrought iron fencing designs can vary greatly, depending on the style of your property. In general wrought iron is used for domestic properties in order to provide an elegant look. Wrought iron fences can also be found in commercial properties, where the aesthetic appeal is important. A few examples here would be country clubs or […]

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ornamental ironwork

Ornamental Ironwork; a Stunning Feature for your UK Home

Ornamental ironwork can be spotted all over the UK, many period homes proudly displaying a wrought iron balcony or balustrade that provides a stunning feature for any home. Wrought iron has been used in construction in Britain for centuries, and you will find spiral stairs, Juliet balconies, and railings all made from intricately designed iron […]

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metal stair railings

Making The Move To Metal Stair Railings

Homeowners put a lot of thought into decorating their property, yet there are certain areas that are routinely forgotten. The stairs most definitely fall into that category, despite the fact that there is a real opportunity to make a bold design statement there. Yes, stairs are meant to be functional, but with a little bit […]

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Antique Railings

Dress Up Your Home With Antique Railings

You often hear people talking about their perfect home and the white picket fence that surrounds it, which makes you wonder if they have ever seen a property that is surrounded by antique railings. The rustic look that these railings provide is a whole lot more impressive than a little wooden fence that is about […]

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