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glass Juliet balcony

Glass Juliet Balcony for Creating Space and Light

A glass Juliet balcony is a popular choice for modern homes. Juliet balconies have been popular for centuries, providing an outdoor space without actually taking up space. A Juliet balcony will open from floor level, allowing the sun to shine in and brighten up even the dullest room. The extra light will create a sense […]

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Steel Balcony Railings: Why Choose Stainless Steel?

Steel balcony railings, like glass and concrete buildings, are synonymous with modernity; polished and gleaming in the sun, they light up cityscapes around the world. There’s more to these architectural standbys than just their professional, clean appearance, however; steel balcony railings offer all of the following advantages over other types of railing: 1. Extreme durability. […]

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balcony glass panels

Why Choose Balcony Glass Panels for your Home

A balcony is a stunning addition to any home. It creates an outdoor space that you can enjoy with the family without the maintenance of cutting grass or tending to a garden. If you are considering a balcony for your home, or updating your existing one, there will be many considerations. One of these will […]

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glass balconies

Why Glass Balconies are the Perfect Choice for Modern Homes

Having a balcony is a privilege. More and more new constructions are including balconies, ranging from modest Juliet balconies to lustrous affairs. If you are considering a balcony for your new build project, glass balconies are the perfect choice. Below are just some of the reasons that you should choose glass as the material for […]

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period balcony repair

Period Balcony Repair: Why Use a Specialist Team

Period balcony repair is a delicate procedure, and one foul move could result in you having to replace your whole balcony. A wrought iron balcony that is rusted can also be a dangerous, and attempting to carry out repairs by hand can lead to accident and injury. To correctly repair a period balcony requires skill […]

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large balcony design ideas

Large Balcony Design Ideas for Your Period Home

Large balcony design ideas are simply stunning when you own a period home. Many period homes already boast balconies, Juliets, or terraces, but when you have a home with no outdoor space a large balcony can add more room to your property. Not all period homes have gardens, many looking out onto the street, or […]

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balcony sealing

Balcony Sealing for Concrete Balconies and Terraces

The majority of balconies have a concrete construction, and although you may find tiles, marble, or even wood placed over the top, the original structure of balconies that are not made of materials such as wrought iron is concrete. Concrete is tough and you would think that it would be fairly indestructible. However, you would […]

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