shot blasting

Shotblasting Media: An Overview

As shotblasting is used for such a diverse array of applications—roughening surfaces, polishing surfaces, cleaning surfaces, and so on—it requires the use of many different kinds of blasting media. The type shape, size, and hardness of the shotblasting media used affect the blasting process and which materials may be blasted. Generally, blasting media is either […]

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contemporary balconies

Contemporary Balconies for your Modern Home

Contemporary balconies can transform your home from a place you simply live to a place where you can enjoy outdoor living. As well as having a garden in your home, a balcony made of contemporary glass or stainless steel can really turn your property into a talking point. The majority of modern houses were not […]

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Spiral stairs

Spiral Stairs: Pros and Cons

If you’re considering spiral stairs for your home and are unsure as to whether or not they are suited to your needs, the following guide should assist you in making a decision: Pros: Spiral staircases save you space—a lot of space. This is particularly relevant in small homes; a straight staircase that is 18 feet […]

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metal stair railings

Making The Move To Metal Stair Railings

Homeowners put a lot of thought into decorating their property, yet there are certain areas that are routinely forgotten. The stairs most definitely fall into that category, despite the fact that there is a real opportunity to make a bold design statement there. Yes, stairs are meant to be functional, but with a little bit […]

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balcony construction

Things To Consider With Balcony Construction

People tend to think of the addition of a balcony in their home or business as nothing more than an aesthetically pleasing thing, but there is certainly more to balcony construction that just making something that looks pleasing to the eye. The real reason that designers and construction folks put balconies in place is to […]

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