balustrade railings

Balustrade Railings: Choosing the Best Material

Balustrade railings not only ensure that your balcony or terrace is safe for you and your family. Your railings will add an additional aesthetic feature, and depending on the material you choose for your railings they can create an ambience of splendor for your home. Below is a look at the different materials that you […]

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veranda decorating ideas

Veranda Decorating Ideas: Five of the Best

Veranda decorating ideas can transform your outside space into one of pure luxury and allure. Once you have chosen and installed your veranda, whether you choose wrought iron construction or a modern glass veranda, the next stage is to decorate your veranda to make it feel warm and inviting. You can choose to spend a […]

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large balcony design ideas

Large Balcony Design Ideas for Your Period Home

Large balcony design ideas are simply stunning when you own a period home. Many period homes already boast balconies, Juliets, or terraces, but when you have a home with no outdoor space a large balcony can add more room to your property. Not all period homes have gardens, many looking out onto the street, or […]

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garden verandas design

Garden Verandas Design for your Home and Garden

Garden verandas designs can transform an otherwise ordinary looking garden or outdoor space into an alluring paradise where you can sit, dine, and entertain guests. If you are lucky enough to have a large garden, you should make the most of it by adding features such as a terrace, decking area, or a stunning veranda […]

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balcony sealing

Balcony Sealing for Concrete Balconies and Terraces

The majority of balconies have a concrete construction, and although you may find tiles, marble, or even wood placed over the top, the original structure of balconies that are not made of materials such as wrought iron is concrete. Concrete is tough and you would think that it would be fairly indestructible. However, you would […]

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balcony repairs

Conducting Annual Inspections for Balcony Repairs

Each year, one should make a habit of performing a thorough inspection of all wrought iron outdoor features, such as balcony railings and staircases. Through doing so, one can act quickly to minimise corrosion and perform stair and balcony repairs before damage becomes so extensive that these features must be replaced altogether. Well-maintained wrought iron […]

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wrought iron sconces

Wrought Iron Sconces for your Period Home

Wrought iron sconces can bring light to your period home, both on the external as well as the internal walls. When you have decorative sconces on your walls, you can add classical lighting to the outside of your home; there is nothing worse than coming home and having to fumble with your keys as you […]

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balcony balustrading

Balcony Balustrading: The Pros and Cons of Choosing Glass

If you’re lucky enough to have a residence which offers a nice view of the surrounding landscape, the last thing you likely want to do is obscure the vista with obtrusive balcony balustrading. In such situations, choosing a glass balustrade seems the natural course of action, but as with any major long-term decision, the pros […]

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