Outdoor Glass Balustrades : 4 Benefits

If you’re looking for a chic, sophisticated, and elegant look for your home, then outdoor glass balustrades could be exactly what you’re looking for. Outdoor glass balustrades are basically a form of stylish barrier or fencing, designed to prevent entry to a certain location, or if used on balconies, designed to help prevent people from falling off and down to the ground below. Balustrades were traditionally made from wood, and then from concrete, and even from metal, though nowadays it is glass balustrades that are proving to be the most desirable, and when you see them in person, the reasons for this will instantly become clear. If you’re looking to enhance the look of your home and are thinking of installing outdoor glass balustrades, here’s a look at 4 key benefits that help prove just how fantastic these products can really be.

More Light

With outdoor glass balustrades, commonly you can expect to find them on balconies. The problem with most conventional balconies, is the fact that, as they obviously need to form a protective wall/barrier to stop people falling off of them, a great deal of natural light is often blocked off. With glass balustrades however, this isn’t a problem because the transparent glass allows plenty of natural sunlight to flow through it, and into the home behind. To rooms that need a spot of brightening up, a glass balustrade is ideal for this very reason.

Easy to Clean

If you have a concrete or wooden balustrade, once it got dirty, cleaning it would be very difficult, because the materials are so abrasive, and so sensitive. With wood for example, getting stubborn stains off may be tough, yet you couldn’t rub too hard in case you damaged the wood. With concrete, it can be tough to see where the dirt actually is. With glass however, any marks are instantly visible, and they can instantly be cleaned away with minimal effort. All you need is a spot of warm soapy water and a squeegee, and in a matter of seconds the glass will once again be gleaming and it will look better than ever, especially in the sunshine.

outdoor glass balustrades

Make Areas Appear Spacious

Another great benefit of outdoor glass balustrades is the fact that they can open up areas and can make them appear more spacious. If you had a concrete balcony for example, the solid walls either side would make it look and feel as if you were boxed in, and could make the area appear claustrophobic and smaller than it actually is. The glass however, as it is transparent, opens out spaces and makes them look and feel larger than they actually are.

Very Durable

Glass balustrades are made from incredibly thick glass that would be virtually impossible to crack or break by normal everyday standards. Because of this, it is very durable and hard wearing, meaning that basically, it could last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. Wood obviously rots and fades and is damaged by the elements, as is metal and concrete, whereas glass, other than getting slightly dusty, which can easily be resolved, remains in near perfect condition.

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