Glass Juliet Balconies : 4 Ways of Brightening Dark Rooms

Here in the UK, glass Juliet balconies are becoming a more and more common sight on homes up and down the country with each passing week, and if you’ve ever seen glass Juliet balconies in person for yourself, you may be tempted to install one on your home. The UK has a reputation for predominantly being pretty dark and murky, with grey skies, bad weather, and dull lighting being mainly to blame.

Even during the summer, we don’t see as many blue skies as we may have hoped, which can be pretty depressing. Generally, the lighter and brighter the weather, the happier and more productive we become. The same principle applies to your home. Homes that don’t let a lot of natural light in can be pretty depressing, which is the exact opposite that any home should be. homes should be bright, vibrant, and happy places, and sometimes, in order to achieve that, all that is required is more natural sunlight. To help you brighten up dark and murky rooms, here are 4 ways of letting more natural light into your home.

Glass Juliet Balconies

Glass Juliet balconies are absolutely fantastic for letting more natural light into a room, because with ordinary balconies, made from brick, wood, or metal perhaps, the materials used for the balconies themselves would basically be obstructing natural sunlight from shining into the room. If your bedroom for example, is equipped with a balcony, a glass Juliet balcony would be the perfect choice as the transparent glass will allow plenty of natural sunlight to flow into your room, instantly brightening everything in its path.

glass juliet balconies

Larger Windows

Another great way of letting more natural light into a room is to simply have larger windows installed in the room in question. Obviously new windows aren’t cheap, but truthfully, if your rooms are dark anyways, selling the home would be tougher so by fitting larger windows you can actually think of them as investments, rather than luxuries. Bigger windows will open up the entire room and will let sunlight flow freely from corner to corner.

Use Bright Colours

Even if you have a glass balcony and large bay windows on each room, the colour that you choose to decorate the interior of the room in will also determine how bright and dark the room appears. For example, whilst there are many fashionable dark colours, to really brighten everything up, you should ideally go with bright and neutral colours such as creams, whites, and beiges. If you do want a different colour that is darker, you may also wish to consider painting just one wall dark and having that as your feature wall, whilst keeping the other walls nice and bright.

More Lights

Obviously during the day you should never need to have your lights on, but at night time, especially during the autumn and winter months, your lights will be on much more than in spring and summer. Because of this, go with more lights, and with brighter bulbs. LED lighting is currently very popular, and what’s more, LED lighting is energy efficient, so it will help to keep your electricity bills down, which is ideal.

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