Glass Juliet Balcony for Creating Space and Light

A glass Juliet balcony is a popular choice for modern homes. Juliet balconies have been popular for centuries, providing an outdoor space without actually taking up space. A Juliet balcony will open from floor level, allowing the sun to shine in and brighten up even the dullest room. The extra light will create a sense of space, allowing your room to look and feel bigger and brighter.

Glass Juliet Balcony for Small Spaces

When you do not have enough room to create a large balcony, a Juliet balcony is the perfect choice. A full balcony may not be possible due to a number of reasons. These include planning permission, or the structure of your build. A Juliet balcony will not put any unnecessary additional strain on your build. Opening at floor level, a glass balcony will allow your room to continue outside without actually having to construct extra space.

Glass Balconies for Light

A Juliet balcony is designed to allow light to flow into your home from floor level. The material you use for your Juliet design is therefore very important. A metal design, or one with solid balusters made of steel or wood will actually have the opposite effect to the one you are hoping to create. When you choose a glass design, the sun will reflect directly through the glass balustrade design, lighting up your room as it does so.

Glass Juliet Balcony for Safety

When you choose glass as the material for your Juliet balcony, you are making a choice that is safe for the whole family. A traditional balcony made from wrought iron or steel would include spindles or balusters. Little hands can get trapped between railings, and pets can fall from a balcony that has a semi open design. When you choose glass, the balustrade will be made from toughened glass. It will protect you and your family. Things will not be able to fall to the ground, and pets and children will be safe.

glass Juliet balcony


Glass is a very low maintenance option for your new Juliet balcony design. You can wash your glass balustrade with soapy water, or use a window cleaner in a spray that you would to clean your normal windows. Unlike iron or metal or wood, you will not need to treat, stain, or paint your balustrade. Maintenance is virtually zero, and when you keep your glass clean it will reflect the sun rays beautifully, lighting up your home.

Glass is a popular choice of material for modern balcony designs. However, a Juliette balcony made from glass can also be introduced onto a traditional home. Glass looks great whatever the age of your property, and it is a sensible choice for your new balcony design. A Juliet balcony will be a pleasure to own on a summer day. Opening up your French windows will allow light to flood in, the heat from the sun to warm your room, and will allow you to look out and enjoy the scenery without having to squint and look between balusters or spindles.

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