Why Choose Balcony Glass Panels for your Home

A balcony is a stunning addition to any home. It creates an outdoor space that you can enjoy with the family without the maintenance of cutting grass or tending to a garden. If you are considering a balcony for your home, or updating your existing one, there will be many considerations. One of these will be the materials. A terrace with balcony glass panels makes sense for many reasons. Below are just some.

Balcony Glass Panels for Safety

A traditional balcony design will include a balustrade made from wood, concrete, or metal. This balustrade will have spindles, with gaps between each on. Although these gaps are important for letting sunlight into your home, they can also pose a danger to you and your family. You should never leave a child unattended on your balcony, and one of the reasons for this is that they could slip through the railings.

balcony glass panels

Depending on how far apart railings are, a child could get his arm stuck, decide to throw things down from the balcony, or worse still, fall to the ground himself. Balcony glass panels however are solid, and there are no gaps. This means that they are the safest option for your new balcony design. The glass balustrade for your new terrace will be manufactured from toughened glass in large panels. The glass will allow the sunlight to flow through, and it will protect you and your family, including and pets you may have.

Glass Balcony Panels for Low Maintenance

If you are in search of a low maintenance option for your balcony, then a glass design is a perfect choice. Glass will withstand any temperature, and weather conditions, and it will not suffer in the heat or cold. Unlike metal or wooden designs, you will not need to paint or refurbish your balustrade. Glass can be washed down with a soapy water solution in the same way your windows can. It is easy to maintain, and it will never rust or get damp.

Glass Balconies for Aesthetic Appeal

Glass is also a great looking material for your balcony design. It brings light into your home, and creates an effect that you could not possibly have if your balcony had solid wood or glass spindles. Glass is great for contemporary homes, many new builds being constructed with glass as the material for their balconies.

Choose from a glass design for your entire balcony, or mix and match with wood and metal or concrete. The floor of your balcony can be made from whatever material you desire. Wood and glass blend together perfectly, as does a design that includes a concrete base with glass panelling. Your local balcony specialists can show you what each design would look like on your home, and help you make the choices for your new balcony. Whether you wish to add a balcony to your home, have one built as a new construction, or refurbish your existing terrace, toughened glass is the perfect choice for both safety and aesthetic appeal.

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