Why Glass Balconies are the Perfect Choice for Modern Homes

Having a balcony is a privilege. More and more new constructions are including balconies, ranging from modest Juliet balconies to lustrous affairs. If you are considering a balcony for your new build project, glass balconies are the perfect choice. Below are just some of the reasons that you should choose glass as the material for your new balcony.

Glass Balconies are Safe

When you think of a traditional balcony, it will be constructed from metal, wrought iron, or perhaps concrete or wood. One thing that all these type of balcony design have in common is that they will have balusters or spindles. When you have young children or pets, you will be worried about them slipping through. You will be worried about them getting their hands caught, or constantly having to run downstairs to collect things that have “accidentally” fallen.

Glass balconies are different. Their balustrades are made of solid panels of toughened glass. This mean things won’t accidentally fall, accidents will not happen, and you can stay safe. Never allow small children out onto your balcony alone. Always ensure an adult is present. Glass balustrades are the safest around, but they are not able to deter a child from taking a chair and standing on it to look over.

Glass Balconies Create Light and Space

From a distance, a glass balcony can look like an open space. If you keep your glass clean, then you will ensure that the sun reflects off the panels perfectly, and that all you will see is the sun glimmering and brightening your day. Glass panels will make your balcony look large than it is. Glass will attract light, allowing you to really make the most of every moment you spend outdoors.

glass balconies

Low Maintenance

When choosing from different materials for your balcony, glass is a winning choice when what you are looking for is a low maintenance option. Toughened glass will not get old; will not fade in the sun. It will not rust or rot. It will not develop cracks in the same manner that concrete balustrades can. Glass can be washed with soapy water, or can be hosed down. It can also be cleaned with a glass cleaner you can buy in the supermarket. Maintaining your glass balcony is cheap and practical.

Glass is an optimal choice for your new balcony construction. It may not be the cheapest choice, but it is one of the safest and long lasting. Remember that when you add a balcony to your new or existing home you are adding value to your property. In the event that you go on to resell your home, a stunning glass terrace will most certainly be a selling point. Think about the safety of your family, the future of your home. Look past money saving and cheap alternatives that will last only years. For any modern construction, glass is the choice for you. Choose glass flooring for a really seductive look, or combine glass with steel or iron or concrete, creating the outdoor space of your dreams.


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