Care And Maintenance Tips For Wrought Iron Spiral Staircases

Wrought iron spiral staircases and are famously durable, but like any architectural feature, they benefit from regular care and maintenance. Whether your wrought iron spiral staircase is placed indoors or outdoors, it’s essential to clean and inspect it regularly in order to prevent damage from occurring and rust from forming. Likewise, well-cared-for wrought iron spiral staircases simply look better. Wrought iron is a popular choice for classical homes, glass balconies and stairs being popular with modern builds.

Basic Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Wrought Iron


If your wrought iron staircase is located indoors, you should dust it regularly (at least once per week) using either a microfibre cloth or feather duster. Generally, microfibre cloths are preferred as they clean more thoroughly and make it easier to clean between the crevices of your wrought iron staircase. This is especially important when dealing with ornate wrought iron spiral staircases.


Every fortnight, you should clean away fingerprints and other blemishes using a mixture of dish soap or household cleaner and water (use a 1-to-4 ratio of cleaner to water). Never use furniture polish on your wrought iron and avoid using any cleaning solution which contains harsh chemicals. Once you have cleaned your staircase, make sure to dry it thoroughly in order to mitigate the risk of rust formation.

wrought iron spiral staircases

Preventing Rust Buildup

Rust is the most notorious enemy of iron; if rust is left to grow unchecked, it can seriously corrode wrought iron staircases, making them both unsightly and possibly dangerous.

If you notice rust beginning to form on your staircase, lightly rub it away with a wire brush. More advanced patches of flaky rust may require the use of a metal scraper, pickaxe, or wire brush drill attachment. If you are not confident you can remove the rust with these tools without damaging the iron, seek the aid of a professional.

Once you have removed the rust, clean the area with the cleaning mixture described above, then dry it completely before applying a protective coating.


If your wrought iron starts to look dull and lifeless, it may be time for a new coat of paint. Before painting your staircase, make sure to remove any paint that is either bubbling or flaking off the iron (in addition to removing rust as necessary), then clean and dry the bare metal surface. Cover the area around the staircase with tarp to protect it from paint spills, then spray on rust-resistant primer if you are not using a paint that has primer mixed into it. Allow the primer to dry, then apply the paint (spray paint is recommended as it yields the best finish and coverage).

Routine Maintenance

At least once per year, you should ask professional iron-workers to inspect your staircase for potential safety issues. This will ensure that potential problems are addressed before they can pose any serious risk to anyone using the staircase.

With basic care and attention, wrought iron staircases can last for decades—as is evident from the number of antique wrought iron installations still in use today. If you have any questions or concerns about wrought iron, don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’ll be happy to assist you.


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