Wrought Iron Fencing Designs and Ideas

Wrought iron fencing designs can vary greatly, depending on the style of your property. In general wrought iron is used for domestic properties in order to provide an elegant look. Wrought iron fences can also be found in commercial properties, where the aesthetic appeal is important. A few examples here would be country clubs or hotels. Whether you require a large fence or a small garden fence, Classic Ironworks can help you.

Wrought Iron Fencing Designs : Height of Fence

The height of your fence is an important consideration. If you are introducing a fence as a safety measure and not just for aesthetic appeal, the taller the better. Tall fences are hard to jump, and when you choose a design with spiked spindles, intruders will most definitely be put off trying to enter your property uninvited. Small garden fences are of course cheaper, and if what you are looking for is a way to elegantly divide your property from your neighbour’s or from the street, a shorter design should be more than adequate.

The higher your fence, the deeper the foundation of your fence will need to be. High fences that are not set far enough into the ground will have a tendency to sway in the wind or fall down. This can put not just yourself at risk but those who are passing by. Another reason you should rely on your Bristol wrought iron experts for installing your fence. There are different methods to choose from for your fence installation, concreting in your fence being the best option if you want a fence that will never fall down.


Wrought iron has been used for centuries for fencing. It is tough and durable, and you can find it used in balconies and balustrades on many period and modern properties. Although wrought iron is a traditional material, there is no reason you cannot introduce a wrought iron fence at a modern property. Spindles for your fence can be straight, or eloquently curved, London and Victorian railings currently enjoying a surge in popularity.

wrought iron fencing designs

Wrought iron fencing designs can be as simple or as complex as you want. If you have an idea for fencing that is entirely unique, the spindles for your fence can be hand-crafted to your bespoke design. Your fence can be made from as many sections as you require, and single or multiple gates can also be introduced into your design.

Caring for your fence

When choosing from wrought iron fencing designs, one advantage of choosing iron as your material is that it is very low maintenance. Wrought iron will withstand even the roughest of weather, and repainting your fence will not be necessary on a regular basis. If you currently have a wrought iron fence that has seen better days, then it may not be necessary to replace your fence with a brand new design. Shot blasting techniques can get rid of corroded areas of your fence, and small sections of your fence and its spindles can be replaced as required. Looking after your fence is easy, and a wrought iron fence will last far longer than a traditional wooden one. Wrought iron does not rot, and it is not affected by changes in ambient temperature.

Painting your Fence

When you choose the services of reliable wrought iron experts for the manufacture and installation of your fence, painting will be taken care of for you. All you need to do is choose the colour of your fence. Black is a very traditional colour for wrought iron fencing designs, although you are not limited to black. Green is also commonly used for fencing around parks and green areas. Red can also be used for commercial properties where you want your fence to stand out.

There are so many different designs for wrought iron fences that you will be spoiled for choice. The most important factors to consider are the height of your fence, whether you require gates, and if you wish your fence to be used for security as well as for aesthetic appeal. A wrought iron fence will add allure and value to your home, and a tall fence with spikes will most certainly make most burglars think twice before trying to jump over into your property. Choose the style and design for your fence with the help of your local wrought iron specialists, ensuring the fence posts are dug far enough into the ground and that your fence will last you for not just many years but many decades to come.

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