Why Choose Wrought Iron Spindles for Balustrades and Stairs

A staircase or a balcony is a prominent feature for your property, and choosing the correct material is essential. A balcony or staircase, whether interior or exterior can be manufactured from a wide range of materials including steel, wrought iron, and glass. Asides modern glass balcony designs that use sheets of glass as opposed to spindles, your baluster will include decorative spindles in its design. Wrought iron spindles are a great choice for both modern and traditional home, below some reasons why you should choose iron over other materials.

Wrought Iron Spindles for Strength and Security

Wrought iron is tough and durable, and will provide the strength that you need to ensure your property is really safe. If you have ever holidayed in a rustic or older hotel with wooden balconies, you will have most definitely felt unsafe leaning against the wooden railings. Wood can rot, it can flex and bend, and it can be prone to wood worm. Wrought iron on the other hand is tough and durable, and will last for many decades to come.

Low Maintenance

Once again, wrought iron will always win over wood when it comes to maintenance. Iron when properly coated and painted will not rust or decay for many decades. A period property may have problems with wrought iron work, but this is not a huge problem. Unlike a rotten wooden railing that would need to be replaced, wrought iron can be restored and repaired when necessary using techniques such as shot blasting and sandblasting, and the repair work can often be carried out onsite and with little disruption.

wrought iron spindles

Aesthetic Appeal

Wrought iron spindles can be manufactured in any design and to fit in with your property, whether new or traditional. Curving spindles with intricate designs will look stunning on an older property, modern designs in vibrant colours fitting in perfectly with your modern property. Iron will add both aesthetic appeal and value to any home, being far more luxurious than cheaper alternatives such as steel or wood.

Glass and concrete are often used for modern balcony designs, but these do not come without potential problems. On a new build, your property may move slightly as it settles into its foundations, and this can sometimes lead to cracks in concrete balusters. Glass is heavy, and it is also an expensive option for your home. If you hate cleaning windows, glass should also be avoided, your balcony becoming dirty and in need of cleaning frequently when you choose a metal design.

Wrought ironwork has been popular on properties for many centuries, and even with so many modern alternatives available, it remains an excellent choice. With the versatility to have your spindles manufactured in any design or colour you wish, wrought iron wins hands down for low maintenance and for durability. Investing in wrought iron for your home will increase your properties’ value far more than investing in cheap steel or old fashioned wood, making the very most of the prominent feature a baluster, staircase, or balcony provides for your home.

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