Wood and Glass Stairs Designs for Modern Homes

Wood and glass stairs are an excellent addition to any modern home, and they can be installed as a replacement for your original stairs or into a new build. Below are some reasons why you should consider replacing your existing stairs with a wood and glass design, or why you should install them in your new build home.

Wood and Glass Stairs for Space

When replacing an old fashioned staircase, an open staircase can provide you with room in your home that you didn’t have before. The dark and dingy cupboard under the stairs you used to store junk in will be replaced by an open area that can be used for many purposes. Under your stairs you can add a display cabinet, a unit for your TV, or you can even totally rethink your room and put a sofa under where your stairs are.


A wood and glass design for your stairs will also lighten up your room. Glass balusters will reflect the sunlight, and they will make your home seem more airy and light. Glass is easy to keep clean with a cloth and some window cleaning spray, the light reflecting from your baluster and making your staircase an important and elegant feature in your home. When you combine this effect with floating stairs, you will add even more to the space and light that your new stairs create.

wood and glass stairs


Glass is tough and strong, and when used for the material for your balusters it can also provide a welcome safety features. Panes of glass are more practical than iron or wooden spindles when you have small children, and their durability means that fewer mishaps can happen. As a child you will have swung from the wooden banister at the bottom of your stairs, and you will almost certainly have encountered wobbly banisters that can actually be quite scary as well as dangerous.


Glass is a low maintenance option for your stairs, the maintenance being very little indeed. Unlike wood that needs polishing and painting, and replacing, glass can be kept clean and looking like new for decades when simply cleaned with a suitable spray. Wooden stairs are also easy to keep clean, and are far easier to maintain than carpets and rugs. Unlike old wooden banisters that would be painted, your stairs will be stained and polished with a suitable and non-slip product.

Wood and glass stairs are just one option you can choose for your modern build home. When looking for a cheaper solution you can opt for steel for your banisters. For a more traditional look you may like to combine wrought iron stairs with glass balusters or a mix of wood stairs and iron spindles. The material and style you choose for your stairs should be the one that suits you, the style of your home, and of course one that fits within the budget that you have to spend on your home and renovation project or installations.

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