The Pros of Choosing a Wrought Iron Balustrade

A balcony or an open staircase is never complete without the introduction of a balustrade to complete the build. A balustrade is functional and an essential safety feature for your project and one dilemma you need to resolve is what material you will use for your banisters and railings. There are several materials to choose from including steel, glass, concrete, and a wrought iron balustrade. Below are some of the pros of choosing a wrought iron design.

Wrought Iron Balustrade : A Feature Built to Last

Although wrought iron is not the cheapest option for your banisters and railings, steel being more economical, there are many reasons that you should choose wrought iron. A balustrade manufactured from wrought iron will be installed and then you can more or less forget about its upkeep. Old fashioned wooden balustrades are flimsy and are prone to rot and woodworm, and glass balustrades will need constant attention to ensure they are clean and looking their best. Steel can rust and will need retouching, and concrete can crack as the foundations of your home settle.wrought iron balustrade

Wrought iron on the other hand is tough and durable, and will last for many decades. Maintenance for iron balustrades is minimal, and even when time and weather have taken a toll on your features, techniques such as shot blasting can bring your ironwork back to life. Wrought iron will withstand the cold and wet winters of the UK, allowing you to add a feature to your home that will not decrease in value in just a matter of months or years.


Wrought iron balustrades have been used for centuries, and they are a common feature on period homes. They are stylish and can be made to fit in with your existing wrought ironwork and style of your property. For older properties, intricate spindles will look stunning on your stair banister or terrace railings. For more modern property, wrought iron can be painted and styled to fit in with the overall look of your build.


Although wrought iron is not the cheapest solution for your balcony railings and balusters, it is certainly more economical than glass. As well as this fact, maintenance for wrought iron is minimal, making it a cheaper option in the long run than cheaper alternatives that will need to be periodically repaired or replaced.

There really are few cons associated with using iron for your balcony or staircase design. Wrought iron is versatile and can be manufactured to your bespoke needs to ensure it is in keeping with the style of your home. Asides the initial price you will pay, the advantages of choosing a solid design for your balcony far outweigh any possible cons.

Wrought iron is a material that can be integrated into many features both external and internal for your home. From verandas to decorative sconces, there is always place for stunning ironwork in any home, no matter whether you own a period home or a modern build. Combine ironwork with glass or wood to make a bold and bespoke statement, or simply opt for a build made from the highest quality UK manufactured wrought iron.

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