Why Fit an Interior Wrought Iron Staircase in your Home

When you have plans for home improvements, there are many areas you will be thinking about working on. You may wish to replace your old windows for double glazed one, you may be thinking about a balcony for your lounge room, or you may be looking for aesthetic alterations for the interior of your home. A wrought iron staircase is an excellent example of how to transform a plain and boring looking room in your house, and at the same time you can save space and create more light.

If you are sick and tired at looking at your old carpeted stairs, you will have different options to choose from. On a budget, you may choose to remove your old carpets and varnish the stairs. When you have more money to play with however, you will immediately consider replacing your stairs with a modern, open alternative. Open stairs create light and space and your old cupboard under the stairs can be transformed into a useable area of floor space.

For something even more special however, a wrought iron spiral staircase could be what you need. A spiral staircase is a centerpiece in any home, and with spiral stair kits available, the transformation of your room needn’t be too expensive. Wrought iron is the perfect material for your new stairs, iron being a perfect choice for both modern as well as traditional homes.

When you invest in a wrought iron staircase for your home, you will be investing in the future of you property too. Wrought iron is tough and durable, yet looks great, and when combined with a banister made from the same material, wooden banisters that wobble will become a thing of the past. You can also combine the materials used for your new staircase, using wooden steps and wrought iron spindles to create a real sense of grandeur in your home.

wrought iron staircase

Wrought iron staircases are available from your Bristol and Somerset wrought iron specialists, and with a free consultation available, you can start making your dream a reality today. Spiral stairs can save space, and they will always be an eye-catching feature for your property. Although more traditionally used for the exterior of homes, leading down from balconies, wrought iron is now fashionable for the interior of your home. Wrought iron features such as sconces can look stunning next to your new staircase, adding elegance and warmth to your home.

When you are thinking about replacing the stairs in your home, think past the traditional stairs that simply lead from your hallway to your upper landing. A spiral staircase made from wrought iron can start and end in virtually any corner of your hall or front room, stairs spiraling up from the middle of your lounge being a popular choice of design. Forget old fashioned wooden stairs and wobbling banisters with chipped paint, and add an air of eloquence and mystique to your traditional or period home today when you introduce wrought iron stairs and other interior features.

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