Balustrade Railings: Choosing the Best Material

Balustrade railings not only ensure that your balcony or terrace is safe for you and your family. Your railings will add an additional aesthetic feature, and depending on the material you choose for your railings they can create an ambience of splendor for your home. Below is a look at the different materials that you can select from for your balustrade railings, and the pros and cons of each of them.


Wood may look alluring, and when new it can look stunning, most especially on an older property, but wood is probably the worst choice for your balcony railings. Problems with wood include wet and dry rot, chipping of paint, and the fact that wood is not a sturdy and strong material. If you are looking for a long lasting material for your railings, and one that you will not need to take care of too often, wood should not be your first choice.


When you think of concrete, you will probably think more of your balcony floor rather than your railings. However, many modern properties are fitted with concrete balustrade railings that look stunning once finished and painted. Concrete is however a very heavy material, and before choosing it for the railings of your balustrade you should ensure that the build of your home will actually withstand the weight. Another problem with concrete is when you use it for railings on a new build. A new build will move as it settles into the ground, and cracked concrete balusters are more common than you might first think.

balustrade railings


Instead of using traditional railings, you may like to use toughened glass for your balustrade. Glass is found on many modern balconies, and when kept clean it will give an air of light to your balcony and will make your space look bigger than if it was fitted with traditional railings. Glass panels as opposed to railings are also an excellent option if you have animals such as cats or small children, as there is no danger of getting stuck between railings or your animal squeezing through and jumping off.

Wrought Iron

Lastly, a traditional material for balustrades and their railings is wrought iron. Iron is tough and strong, and when it is treated and painted correctly, it will stay looking stunning for years. Wrought iron railings are available in both traditional and contemporary designs, and they can be designed to blend in with any type of property and style of balcony. Wrought iron has been used for centuries in balcony design, and continues to be one of the most popular options for all kinds of properties.

Choosing the right material for your railings is essential. Think about the weather conditions where you live, how much maintenance you are prepared to carry out, and the design and look you wish to achieve. Once you have a firm idea of just what you want and need, contact your Bristol balcony specialists to see just what will be suited to your build and to arrange a start date for your new project.


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