Veranda Decorating Ideas: Five of the Best

Veranda decorating ideas can transform your outside space into one of pure luxury and allure. Once you have chosen and installed your veranda, whether you choose wrought iron construction or a modern glass veranda, the next stage is to decorate your veranda to make it feel warm and inviting. You can choose to spend a little or a large amount of money when decorating your outdoor space, and below are five ideas that can help you create a place where you will love to relax and entertain.

Plants and Flowers

If you look up to people’s balconies, you will almost always see some plants, or flowers in hanging baskets. Plants and flowers are probably the most obvious choice for transforming your otherwise boring looking outdoor space. Choose a selection of plants that will flower at different times of year, and depending on how much you like gardening, opt for low maintenance plants that will lead little care. Remember to always use heavy plant pots for your veranda, so that your plants will not be blown over in the wind.

Outdoor Cushions and Rugs

One of the most popular veranda decorating ideas around is the introduction of an outdoor rug and some great water resistant cushions on your outdoor furniture. If you are working to a budget and cannot afford expensive outdoor furniture, simply add some great looking cushions to your existing outdoor chairs to create a comfortable ambience that make you want to spend time outdoors.

Candles and Wind Chimes

For a relaxing setting for dining, add some soft outdoor lights and wind chimes to your veranda. You can choose to light candles when you dine outside, or invest in candle shaped solar powered lights for your garden that will light up your veranda in a subtle and beautiful way.

veranda decorating ideas


Your veranda is not just an outdoor space; it is essentially an additional room for your existing home. To make your veranda really look like a room that you are stepping into when you go outside, add borders with gravel, low maintenance plants, and features such as a small wall or rockery. A border is a great veranda decorating idea, and it will allow you to really utlilise your space like an extra outdoor room.

Focal Point

Like rooms inside your home, your veranda should have a focal point. The focal point in your lounge room may be your fireplace, or the stunning cut glass bowl on your dining room table. For a focal point for a veranda, add a coffee table with some stunning ornaments, or add a water feature or even an aquarium with freshwater fish. There are so many different veranda decorating ideas to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice. Choose a theme for your outdoor room that is totally different from your main house, or choose a contemporary and stunning design that will be the talk of your neighbours and friends. Create a Moroccan dining room, an Asian themed room, or create a place with soft colours and furnishings that will provide you with the perfect place to relax.

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