Large Balcony Design Ideas for Your Period Home

Large balcony design ideas are simply stunning when you own a period home. Many period homes already boast balconies, Juliets, or terraces, but when you have a home with no outdoor space a large balcony can add more room to your property. Not all period homes have gardens, many looking out onto the street, or with only a small back yard that you cannot utilise for dining or relaxing.

When you own a period property that lacks outdoor space, but your home is big, large balcony design ideas can help you convert your property into your dream home. Your choice of balcony can extend the whole width of your property, being accessible from more than one room, and really giving you the extra space you need to enjoy the outdoor life. A large balcony for your period home can be the perfect setting for entertaining guests, for introducing some plants and flower, or simply a space where you can relax on a sunny day.

When choosing from different large balcony design ideas, first and foremost you must get in touch with balcony experts in your local area. A large balcony will be heavy, and it will require adequate support to ensure that it is safe and secure. Unlike a small terrace or a Juliet, a large balcony will need to be constructed to ensure it does not put too much strain on the build of your home. Although it is not common to hear of balconies that collapse or have been declared unsafe, these problems can occur if you do not enlist the help of your local professionals for the job at hand.

large balcony design ideas


A period home will look simply stunning with a wrought iron balcony, with balustrades made of iron or complemented with wood or even toughened glass. There are so many designs to choose from for your balcony, and your local professional balcony specialists can help you with those all-important decisions. Firstly however, you will need a structural review of your home to see just what type of large balcony can be supported, and you may also need to seek planning permission. If your property is a listed building, ensure that you have permission to change its external appearance before you spend money on your large balcony design. Once you are sure that you can indeed install a balcony, and that the structure of your build will support it, then comes the time to decide just what wrought iron design you want.

A period home will look alluring with a wrought iron balcony, complete with iron balustrades and spindles. The intricate design of the spindles can create a dreamy look to your home, and when combined with a spiral staircase made from wrought iron, you can turn your period property into a home of dreams and fairy tales. Add grandeur to your already perfect home when you add a large balcony design, manufactured from the highest grade of wrought iron and designed to your bespoke needs by your Bristol wrought iron specialists.

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