Choosing a Spiral Staircase UK for Your Home

A spiral staircase UK can be a focal point for your home, and an aesthetically pleasing addition that can add value to your property. The history of the spiral staircase dates back to the bible where a spiral staircase was depicted in Solomon’s temple; spiraling staircases then went on to be very popular in Roman times. Spiral stairs would make narrow passageways up turrets in castles all over the world, the addition of spiral stairs to homes in the UK having made a comeback in modern times.

You may be under the misconception that a spiral staircase UK is only suited to a period home; this is entirely untrue. Spiraling stairs are now being commonly seen in modern homes and new builds, their air of grace being just as impacting as that if their ancestors in centuries gone by. There is something magical about a staircase that spirals upwards, these “stairways to heaven” often being depicted in the fantasy world as well as in children’s tales.

This fantasy can become a reality when you invest in a spiral staircase UK for your home. Spiral stairs can be added to the interior or exterior of your home, their addition being ornamental or for everyday use. When choosing a spiral staircase for your home, there are some considerations that you will need to make, and these can be done with the help of your spiral staircase UK experts.

spiral staircase UK

Of the considerations to be made, the material used for your stairs will be one of the most significant. Unlike in Roman times when stone was used for such stairways, your choice of material in the modern world will range from wood to wrought iron and even a glass design. Exterior spiral stairs made of wrought iron look simply stunning leading down from a balustrade or balcony, and inside your home you may choose a wood and glass design leading from your hallway or front room to the upper floor of your build.

Wrought iron is a popular material for spiral staircase design; it is hard wearing and durable and can be painted in any colour to match the style of your home. Wrought iron stairs can be manufactured to meet your every expectation; when you home is of a modern design you can choose from contemporary designs that will look absolutely stunning. For a period home, a design including intricately weaved spindles will look simply exquisite, your spiral stairs leading you into a dream world of fantasy and fairytales.

Choosing the design for your spiral stairs is easy when you contact your spiral stair and wrought iron experts. Choose from spiral stair kits on offer, or choose an original design that will be manufactured to meet your specific needs and bespoke requirement. Spirally stairs add an air of mystery and grace to any home, their addition being one that will give you years of enjoyment and pleasure, and an addition that will add value and appeal to your property that will make your home entirely unique.


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