Why Choose Wrought Iron Staircases for your Home

When the time comes around that you decide your home needs a makeover, there will be different areas of your property you will turn your attentions to. You many think that a new kitchen or bathroom will help increase the aesthetic appeal of your home; altering your staircase however will also add to the appeal and value of your house. Wrought iron staircases can be a focal point for your home, their intricate designs being the perfect complement to any home, no matter how old or new.

If you live in a home with more than one level, you will have a staircase that connects the different floors of your property. In the 20th century it was both fashionable and practical to have a wooden staircase covered with carpet; times are however forever changing. A carpeted staircase is dull and boring, and even when you have a pretty baluster made from wood you will still be blocking out natural light in your home and taking up room unnecessarily.

Modern staircase designs in new builds rarely feature solid wooden stairs with carpets; you will more frequently see open stairs with glass paneling, floating stairs, or even spiraling wrought iron staircases. Wrought iron is the perfect material for your new staircase for many reasons, the toughness and aesthetic appeal being just two of them. No baluster made of wrought iron will wobble in the way and old wooden one does, and with wrought iron designs being available in both traditional and modern looks, wrought iron staircases are an exceptionally good choice for your home.

wrought iron staircases

When you are thinking about replacing a staircase, an open design will bring more light and air into your home, and it will also be a lot easier to clean than a traditional carpeted staircase. Open stairs and spiral stairs can be made from wood or iron, or a combination of the two, and a wooden staircase with wrought iron baluster and spindles is a common feature in new built modern homes.

There are many reasons why you should consider wrought iron staircases for your home, and you should not be put off the idea if you have a contemporary home. Wrought iron was traditionally crafted into intricate spindles and balusters, but it can also be made to create stylish and modern alternatives for your home. Exterior stairs at your property made from wrought iron will be tough and strong and will not become damaged by the weather; inside your home they also present an excellent and hard wearing design for your property.

Home renovations can be an exciting time but also a daunting time, and unless you have a good knowledge of DIY and home improvements it can be wise to call in your wrought iron experts when it comes to replacing your stairs. Both normal and spiraling stairs are available in kits, and with just a small amount more cash spent on your new design, you will add flair and value to your property and a focal point to sit back and admire for many years into the future.

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