Wrought Iron Balusters : What’s in a Design

When you take a look at any staircase, whether modern or traditional, you will find balusters that support a handrail; a staircase without a safety rail in place is very uncommon unless it comprises of just a few stairs. The hand rail of your stairs will help you navigate up and down the stairs, and is a vital aid for people of all ages. Many staircases both old and new will include wrought iron balusters; they are often preferred over wooden balusters, and they give aesthetic appeal to your home whatever its age.

The design of your wrought iron balusters is therefore of great importance when you want your stairs to blend in with your home and make a real statement about your property. Boring plain wooden balusters serve the same purpose as wrought iron balusters, but they will not give the same appeal that wrought iron does. Even when you choose carved wood for your balusters you still run the risk of woodworm and chipping paint; wrought iron provides an alternative that will last you for many years with little to no maintenance being required at all.

The design for your staircase is up to you, but when your stairs are in a prominent position within the home they provide the opportunity to make a focal point of your home. Wrought iron can be delicately crafted into spindles of many different designs, and it can also be used as the hand rail for your stairs. Many staircases will use a combination of wrought iron for the balusters and wood for the handrail; this combination is often chosen for interior staircases where the handrail can be polished to perfection and will glisten in the sunlight as it enters the home.

wrought iron balusters

The design of your staircase can say a lot about you and your home as well as the type of person you are; spiralling staircases are becoming more and more popular again in the last decades, spiralling stairs taking up less room than a traditional staircase yet bringing more light into the home. On the exterior of a property you may also find balusters, often made of stone or concrete, these balusters being a part of your balustrade or outdoor terrace. What you will find in almost all balusters however, no matter what material they are made of, is that they are crafted in a way to add appeal to your home. You will rarely find straight, plain balusters in the home; curved designs are the most common that you will find.

When you are choosing the design for your wrought iron balusters, you can choose to purchase a kit where all the balusters are the same, or you may choose to design a staircase where every third or fourth baluster includes a unique and intricate design. Your staircase is a large part of your home, so choosing its design carefully can really help you create a house that feels like a home. For a solid choice that will last you for many years to come, choose balusters made from wrought iron to ensure that your staircase becomes the focal point of your home for all the right reasons and that it provides you and your family with the safety they need and deserve.

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