Verandas and Porches: Designs and Styles for your Home

Verandas and porches can extend the living area of your home, providing you with a comfortable outdoor area of your home where you can soak up the sun, dine, or simply relax. You will find many homes in the UK have a veranda or porch above their back patio, the structure protecting the patio from the elements as well as providing an aesthetically pleasing look.

When choosing from verandas and porches for your home, you may be under some confusion to what the difference between the two is. Actually, the two words can be seen to be interchangeable, and are grouped into the same category as patios and decks. A patio or deck however is the structure for your outdoor space that is found at ground level; when talking about a patio it will generally be made of concrete slabs and a deck will be made of wood. Verandas and porches are generally built to protect the ground level feature, adding style and design as well as a protection from the sun, wind, or rain.

When talking about verandas and porches, it should be noted that when the structure in question is outside the front of the home it will generally be known as a porch as opposed to a veranda; a large amount of suburban homes in the US will have front porches where the family will sit and relax and chat with the neighbours as they pass by. A veranda on the other hand is generally at the back of the home, and is more common in the UK where people love the privacy of their back garden or yard. For more information on verandas and porches and how to differentiate between them visit

Materials Used for Verandas and Porches

When you have a large open garden to the rear of your property, constructing a porch or veranda will allow you to really make use of the space you have. There are different materials used for verandas and porches and these include a wide range of metals as well as plastic and glass; in some homes you will find that the roof of the veranda will actually slide back in summer to allow you to soak up the sun. These large verandas with covered sides and roof actually provide you with more living space in your home and may even be referred to as conservatories by some.

verandas and porches

When you are in search for a great looking porch or veranda for your home however, a wrought iron design will look absolutely stunning. Wrought iron is strong and sturdy and it will provide you with a construction that will not rot or rust; in short, adding a wrought iron veranda to your home is making a shrewd business investment that will actually enable the market value of your property to rise.

Wrought Iron Verandas and Porches

Wrought iron has been used in the construction of balconies, porches, and spiral stairs for many centuries, and it is a material that can be made to blend in perfectly with your home. You may choose a traditional porch with intricate spindles, or you may choose a modern design with glass paneling that will fit in with the modern design of your home.

When you have decided to add a veranda or porch to your home, you should avoid using wood for your construction; wood will rot and it will need a lot of maintenance; concrete may provide you with a solid construction but it is far from being attractive. Wrought iron porches and verandas can be designed specifically for your home, and they can run the whole length of the exterior of your home or they can cover a simple section leading from your patio doors. Bespoke designs from your local balcony experts will allow you to decide just where you want your veranda and what you want it to look like; your new construction will blend in perfectly with your home and will add appeal as well as value to your home.

When you have a large garden or an open patio, you should forget about investing in cheap plastic chairs and tables and sun umbrellas for your home. What you need is a wrought iron construction that will provide you with the protection from the sun, wind, and rain, and one that will stand tall and strong for many decades to come. Wrought iron is timeless and will never go out of fashion, so contact your specialists today to start discussing the plans to turn your back garden into a showcase home.

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