Ornamental Ironwork; a Stunning Feature for your UK Home

Ornamental ironwork can be spotted all over the UK, many period homes proudly displaying a wrought iron balcony or balustrade that provides a stunning feature for any home. Wrought iron has been used in construction in Britain for centuries, and you will find spiral stairs, Juliet balconies, and railings all made from intricately designed iron on many properties both residential and commercial.

Iron is the perfect material for the construction of a balcony or balustrade, the metal wearing well even when there are harsh and adverse weather conditions. Beautifully manufactured spindles will add an air of grace to any balcony, verandah, or winding staircase; visit www.classicironworks.co.uk to find out more. The manufacture of ornamental ironwork will remain popular for many reasons; an iron balcony or porch will add not just an aesthetically pleasing feature to your home but will also add additional value to your property.

ornamental ironwork

Any home that is lucky enough to have an outdoor space looks perfect with the additional of ornamental ironwork; you do not however need a large outdoor space to incorporate iron into the design of your home. Juliet balconies and wrought iron sconces are two perfect examples of the use of wrought iron for home that have little or no outdoor space, the addition of iron adding a classical touch to an otherwise boring façade of the home.

Wrought iron is made into perfect spindles, balustrades, and sconces through blasting techniques, leaving a surface that is smooth and blemish-free that can then be painted to provide an additional protective coating. Wrought iron balconies are most commonly painted in black, but that is not to say that you cannot construct a balcony made from iron and go on to paint it green, or indeed any other colour that will match the exterior area of your home.

Ornamental ironwork is however not solely found on the exterior of a property. A spiral staircase in the interior of a property can add elegance and class to your home, and iron sconces can be used as a decorative addition to a period home. Wrought iron is the perfect solution for ornamental metalwork, the toughness of the metal meaning that the construction will last not just for years but for many decades without the need for refurbishment.

Wrought iron can be used in a traditional property to add elegance to a period home, but it can also be crafted into modern designs that will add additional appeal to a modern home. In a modern home you will often find a spiral staircase made from a combination of wood and iron, wooden stairs and an elegant iron handrail setting the scene beautifully in the front room.

If you are looking for additional ornamental features to add to the exterior or interior of your home wrought iron is a material that will add both value and elegance to your property. Choose from a wrought iron balcony that will add an air of grandeur to the outside of your property, or choose from wrought iron sconces and winding spiral stairs to add a traditional and homely feel to the interior of your home.

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