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Balconies, not limited to the outside of a home, have always been a popular addition to the home, but in recent years, balconies such as the Juliet balcony are enjoying a return in popularity. Inside balconies that emerge from landings, that open up the inside of a home while uniting the upper and lower levels are also becoming a more popular interior feature. Balcony manufacturers have been catering to the architectural visions of their customers for years but with the turn of the millennium, new and more architecturally sound materials and sleek designs are breaking the traditional mold that has been used in balcony construction for so long.

Balcony manufacturers around the UK install for both commercial and residential, whether it is for retail or private means. Exterior balconies found outside the home can be of a walk out, Barbican, Chelsea and ‘Juliet’ type (a name which comes from the Shakespeare work ‘Romeo and Juliet’ as the balcony is designed from that one which the character stood as she called to Romeo). These balconies can be manufactured in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, mild steel, galvanised steel, painted steel and structural glass. Some balcony manufacturers may even offer hardwood or metal detailing which can create a centre of conversation for visitors to the home or property.

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Balcony designs are often individual to taste as they are also drafted to fit the specifics of the area to which they will be installed. Some balcony manufacturers offer drafting the balcony design at no extra charge, allowing for their customers to have a more pressure-free experience with upgrading the look of their home. As opposed to the stereotypical believe of modern construction being done on the site of installation, most manufacturers will build the balcony to be installed off site, which completely eliminates any problem that comes with prepping materials on a customer’s property.

For customers who are unsure about what design to take, more often than not a manufacturer will offer a library of design ideas to help any of their clients create the best look for their home.

The work of balcony manufacturers is also not limited to simply balconies. Their works include a selection of interior and exterior property upgrades which include but are not limited to balconies, canopies, balustrades, staircases, fire escapes, gates, fencing, and railings. Items such as staircases can come in several different forms with a straight, spiral or helix shape with special features being attached to each one. Straight staircases for example, can also come in a variety of styles of wooden or glass, with or without railings (recently there has been a movement towards staircases that have the appearance of ‘floating’ against a wall. This illusion is achieved with a combination of wood inlayed steps and glass reinforcement.

Balcony manufacturers across the UK offer the very best design and craft and no matter the choice, any customer will certainly be pleased with the designs that are presented to them before the final product is delivered and installed.

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