Interior Stair Design – Breaking the Traditional Mold with Different Ideas

Interior Stair DesignInterior Stair Design has always been a straight forward process. Building steps that could take a person from one level to another left little to the imagination. Of course, spiral staircase designs were considered for the longest time to be the ultimate portrayal of luxury while the simple wooden staircase wasn’t considered at all. Now, these two types of interior stair design is but scratching the surface of the ideas that many home builders have come up with as a way to bring their staircases to life and bring about a conversational piece when guests arrive.

With the amount of ideas to choose from, it can be hard to settle on a final idea. While trying to decide, it is necessary to be aware of the choices out there. If a traditional spiral staircase is too over the top and a plain wooden staircase isn’t enough, there is a lot in between.

One such idea to bring embellishment to the humble staircase is sprucing it up with staircase bookcase design. This type of design is simple and easily attained by simply giving a little more space between staircase steps. Between each step there is enough space to place a collection of books. If walls are on each side of the stairs, consider converting them as well as an extension of the staircase bookcase to hold any larger books that are owned. This type of layout is definitely a great way to introduce guests to the second story of the home.

Taking the idea of using the staircase for storage space, another good idea to add to the interior stair design in a home is using the space beneath the staircase for something other than a broom closet or closed wall. The space beneath a staircase can be opened up and changed into a number of stunning transformations such as a small area for the family dog’s bed or a small reading nook with plenty of books and pillows within reach on a well designed seat beneath the stairs.

An interesting idea when designing the stairs for the home is to add a feature that no one would expect. Stairs that can be lifted vertically or converted to individual drawers can offer a secret space for storing important items safely out of view. An original concept is that the stairs offer an entrance to a secret crawl space in the home, an idea that may seem like something from fiction but is in actual fact an idea that has been tested, with picture of it having gone viral on social media. The response was overwhelmingly positive for such a concept with many people agreeing on the practicality of such a newer concept and use for an interior staircase.

There is no limit to the possibilities of interior stair design. From their material, size, shape and width apart, a new style is created. Choosing to have a railing or nothing at all also changes its look, opening up the space within the room or locking in the steps against the wall. Even the banister’s design can make a difference with the possibilities ranging from metal, suspended wire or the traditional wood that can be carved in a variety of ways to add a remarkable accent to the room for all to see. For help designing your new staircase click here.

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