Dress Up Your Home With Antique Railings

You often hear people talking about their perfect home and the white picket fence that surrounds it, which makes you wonder if they have ever seen a property that is surrounded by antique railings. The rustic look that these railings provide is a whole lot more impressive than a little wooden fence that is about as plain as it gets. The railings that were made back in the day were as much about beauty as they were functionality, which is why the designs tended to be intricate and quite simply beautiful to look at.

Antique RailingsWhat often happens is that these antique railings fall into a state of disrepair, especially those that have been exposed to the elements and not maintained over the years. People who purchase properties with these once proud fences simply tear them out without giving it a second thought. What people are not really aware of is that restoration work can be done to bring back these stunning creations to their former glory. It does take a professional team to make it all happen, but you might just find that it costs less than going all new. Even better, the finished restoration usually ends up looking better than the fencing that would replace it.

There may indeed be situations where a large portion of the existing fencing is beyond repair, but there are sure to be plenty of antique railings that can be saved and re-purposed. Builders are now looking at ways to be environmentally friendly when they build new homes, which is why previously used wood and bricks are now finding their way into new homes. The same can be done with the railings, as they can be turned into a wonderful looking part of a bespoke staircase or balcony.

There are many different things that can be done with restored antique railings, and not all have to be for the traditional uses such as fencing and as supports for handrails on the stairs. For example, if you have an antique rail panel that really isn’t big enough to use in any of the aforementioned ways, how about hanging it and turning it into a piece of wall art? These are all beautifully designed pieces that are incredibly artistic, so that idea is not as crazy as it may sound to some folks. There really are a ton of great ideas out there just waiting to be discovered.

Another option that you have is to deal with a company who makes and restores wrought iron rails and fencing, like Classic Ironworks. Not only will they be able to breathe new life into your antique rails, they will also be able to create a custom design that can be made to look like the designs of old. This is not something that can be done by just anyone though, which is why you need to look for someone with years of experience in the industry. If you are unfamiliar with wrought iron and the beautiful creations that can be made with it, you really need to do a little bit of research.

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