The Juliet Balcony Design – A True Love Story of Classic Style

Juliet Balcony DesignThe Juliet Balcony, also known as the Balconet or the French Balcony is in fact, not actually a balcony. The Juliet Balcony is a false balcony, a railing located outside the window that reaches the bottom of the window on the outside wall. When the window is open, it gives the false impression of a small balcony.

This style of window design is steeped in imagery of love and classic style, and of course the reason for their being named the Juliet Balcony is for that famous scene in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet when love was professed from a balcony window. The Juliet Balcony Design has long since been a favorite in Europe, especially France, Italy and Spain with similar balconets gaining popularity in the UK (where depending on the design, structurally is considered a decorative feature on a home and may not need a building permit to install).

There is a plethora if not endless array of choices possible for a Juliet Balcony Design. Instead of an open window, opt for a pair of French doors with an iron frame Juliet Balcony, allowing for more light to be let into the room. What compares to a pair of open French doors in the summer, lined with light curtains that sway in a summer breeze while being accented by a Juliet Balcony railing? This idea can add an accent of class and sophistication to any space, as well as truly open up a space on an upper floor to allow a fresh circulation of air in spaces which don’t always get the best flow of air.

The Juliet Balcony Design can often be installed easily and most companies that offer the services to do so, all offer different choices of appearance. They can also, more of often than not, be purchased as a kit to be installed by oneself. It is recommended that the customer at least have in mind the design they want as the choices are endless. Iron work pleasingly ornaments the outside of a home or flat and adds to a window’s view when looking out from inside. Certain choices for the Juliet balcony design often can include a choice of, no vertical posts, maintenance free care, and glass designs. Some glass designs even include a choice of different tints of color or sleek stainless steel rods that gives a modern appeal to the room..

Customers can even bring their idea for an individual design to life with some options that are offered to help bring personal designs to life in a cost effective way. The very best companies that install Juliet balcony design balconies will work to the highest standards and use only the best quality materials and work to the highest standards to ensure that any balcony is installed safely without cutting corners.

To add that extra something to the view of that open window, a Juliet Balcony is certainly one of the very best and classic style choices to make. Click here to find out more about balcony design.

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